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The only farang in the village

Much ado about nothing particular

Maus Grass
13 March 1950
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Aging hirsute hippie, a greenie by nature, but materialist by inclination. I have my own environmental consultancy, but I really only work for necessity now. I prefer to spend most of my time travelling in SE Asia.

My personal project at the moment is to follow the French explorers of the 1860's up the Mekong river and compare their journals with conditions today. At the moment I seem to be stuck in Vientiane, Laos.

The people are so great and the lifestyle so interesting. I have had some wonderful experiences and met many interesting people. These form a big part of this journal.

I used to be married to the opposite sex but I prefer my own. I was in a 10 year relationship with a guy who was 20 years younger, black, slim and irresponsible. I'm white, rotund and sensible ... we made a strange couple, but it worked in a funny way. He had many demons in his life before he finally succumbed to the HIV/AIDS one.

I have a number of kids, both natural and adopted, that have left school and are now making their own way in life. They make me so proud the way they are growing up into such fine human beings.

In a previous life I had a nice little 12 acre patch of bushland where I built a mud brick house and grew some vegies and fruit trees. I was a teacher then but now I'm a student of life again. I intend to travel the world and live as disgracefully as possible for the next 10 years or so and then find a nice quiet place, (maybe on a boat), to sort out my pictures, tidy up my journal for my descendants, read a few book and grow some veggies.

I believe life is an adventure. So many things out there to be sampled. I'm enjoying every damn day, even the ones where nothing seems to go right. I've got so many interesting things I want to do.

I'm looking for something, I don't quite know what, but I will recognize it when I see it.

I hope I don't run out of time.